66 Amazing Badass Feminist Tattoos That Remind You of the Girl Power

A woman doesn’t need a reason to make men realize their power, does she? Getting badass feminist tattoos is a great way to proclaim feminism beautifully through ink. Celebrities like Lena Dunham, Joan Jett, Rihanna and Janeane Garofalo, have already shown their feminist-inspired art, it is time you get one too!

Unique Badass Feminist Tattoos Ideas

  • You can tattoo a quote such as I am enough, Girls to the front, my body my rules etc. If you don’t want to go for these regular sayings, take time and construct one of your own.
  • Haired legs tattoo shows that beauty doesn’t necessarily lie in the way a woman looks, it’s within her soul!
  • Sign of a muscle to show that it’s not only men who have physical endurance, women possess it too.
  • An ‘equal to’ sign, to tell the world that girl are not less than men.

Get the badass feminist tattoos in dark colors, deep shades and intense look.

Abstract Lion Tattoo On Arm Adorable Feminism Tattoo Amazing Feminist Tattoo Amazing Idea Of Feminist Tattoo Beautiful Tattoo Idea

Black & Grey Divino Feminino Black & Grey Heart Female Tattoo Black Girl Power Flower Tattoo Black Work Feminist Tattoo Burning Bra Feminist Tattoo Idea Cactus Do Not Touch Me Tattoo Idea Colored Witch Tattoo Conch To Ear Cool Tattoo Idea Cute Girl Gang Tattoo In Heart Shape Cute Tattoo On Wrist Cute Tattoo

Dot Work Tatoo Equal Rights Tattoo Idea Equality Feminst Tattoo Equality Flower Tattoo Fablous Feminist Tattoo Idea Femiinist Kill Joy Inked On Thigh Feminism Beautiful Tattoo Feminism Feminist Cat On Knee Feminist Empowering Tattoo

Feminist Quote Feminist Tattoo On Fingers Femme Power Tattoo Fight Like A Girl Fight On Tattoo Idea Fine Line Girl Power Symbol Fine Line Tattoo On Thigh Flawless Tattoo Make You Feel Women Power Girl Power Inked On Thigh Girl Power Rose Tattoo Girl Power Tattoo Girl With Glass Inkeg On Lower Leg

Grrrtpower Inked on Collar Bone Heart On Arm Ignore Style Tattoo Illustration Russian Flowers Inspirational Tattoo Inspiring Tattoo Jurassic Park Tattoo Letter Tattoo Idea Line Work Feminist Kill Joy Tatto Idea Line Work Feminist Tattoo Idea Line Work Feminist Tattoo Line Work Girl Power Tattoo On Lower Back Line Work Tattoo On Back Line Work Tattoo On Thigh Linne Work Tattoo Idea Minimalis Tattoo No Means No Tattoo Idea Perfect feminism Tattoo Preety Line Work Tattoo Idea Rainbow Bracelet Resist Feminist Tattoo Script Fight Like A Girl Tattoo Script On Arm Traditional Tattoo Water Color Tattoo On Side Back Women Equal Rights Tattoo badass feminist tattoosimages via www.pinterest.com